Help students build practical skills as they deliver useful projects for your business.

This program is tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, to help you unlock the value that students have to offer.
Outcomes Focused

We help students deliver high-quality results that will have a real impact on your business.

Easy to Manage

We provide extra structure and support for our students to take the pressure off of you and your team.

Tailored to You

Customise your program by choosing the projects that are most aligned to your business goals.

What Is Work Integrated Learning?

Work Integrated Learning or WIL for short are work experience programs that students complete to gain credit towards their degree. These programs are supervised by the University to ensure quality outcomes for students and businesses alike.

How Does it Work?

Tailor Your Program

Select the projects which are most relevant for your business to customise your program.

Outline the Details

Our learning platform outlines everything you need to provide your student to deliver the projects.

Structured Feedback

Receive drafts of your students work at set times so you can review and provide feedback.

Extra Support

Our team is available for any additional support your student may require during the program.

Our Projects

Below is a summary of the projects you can choose from during this program, register your interest for more information and to find out how to get involved. Hover over the dots for further explanation of the projects.

Outline the characteristics of your customers or potential partners and your student will build a contact list of these people.
Your student will be able to source relevant 3rd party content for you to share with your audience as well as draft some new pieces such as blogs, infographics and email campaigns.
Receive a review of your websites SEO performance and a plan for how you can improve it using some simple tools.
Analyse the strategies that your competitors are using in the digital space from their marketing campaigns to their website performance and customer engagement.
Build a database of collateral for your social media campaigns including photos, graphics and third party content.
Take a deep dive into a new location or product segment with a detailed market research report which will focus on identifying the leading businesses, market trends and regulatory landscape.

Register Your Interest

This program is scheduled to commence in Spetember of 2019, please register your interest below for more information and to stay updated about how to take part.

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