Verge is the Victoria University initiative focused on creating a better way for students and businesses to connect.


Stay connected with the best job opportunities for VU students and discover how you can match your work with your career ambitions.


Hire students without the hassle and learn how you can unlock the extra value that they have to offer your business.

Our Mission

We’re focused on helping University students and local businesses unlock the value they offer each other through a state-of-the-art recruitment service combined with powerful resources to enhance the experience.

How We Compare?

Verge is the result of more than three years of intensive market research designed to address the problems with how students and businesses currently connect.

  • Rely on student job boards
  • Long application process
  • Uncertainty about hiring laws/ regulations
  • Poor candidate fit
  • Lack of ongoing support
  • Dated IT systems
  • Simplified job posting process
  • Shortlist qualified candidates
  • Resources and advice on laws/ regulations
  • Candidate screening
  • Continuous support
  • Online profiles for all candidates