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9 Unique Ways to Find Casual Work as a Student

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Hunting for a job can seem like a frustrating process when you’re only using job boards. Whilst they seem to offer plenty of opportunities, they are also extremely competitive, with most jobs receiving more than 100 applications. This is why it can pay to look for non-traditional methods for finding a job that can help you escape the crowd. To help students like you with this search, we’ve compiled our pick of unique platforms that can help you find casual work in this post.

Sidekicker is a temp staffing platform, based in Melbourne. Simply register online to join their platform and once you make it through their onboarding process you’ll be eligible to receive work from the thousands of businesses that use their platform to hire hospitality, retail, promotional and industrial staff.

Sidekicker makes it easy for you to manage your shifts through their app, which allows you to accept shifts, communicate with your managers and submit your timesheet with the click of a button.

Airtasker is all about helping people with their odd jobs. After registering you’ll have access to work from car cleaning, to gardening, setting up furniture and pretty much anything else you can think of. You will require an ABN work as an Airtasker, which is very simple to get.

Due to the wide variety of work on the platform, having reliable transport can be useful to make sure you’re available to travel to jobs. It also helps to have access to your own equipment if you’ll be doing specialised work such as gardening or cleaning.

Babysitting offers many students flexible and fun employment taking care of children, however, finding people to babysit for can be difficult. Babysits looks to make it easy for you to connect with parents looking for childcare through a simple online platform.

Weploy is similar to Sidekicker with a focus on more professional administrative roles such as receptionist, data entry and customer support. Weploy sets a high standard for joining their platform but offers high-quality positions and generous pay.

The roles that Weploy offer can help give you a glimpse into a wide variety of professional organisations, which can help inform your long term career plans.

UberEats offers a simple way to make some extra cash on the back of your bike or scooter. The flexibility that this type of work offers can work well with your study commitments as you can pick and choose when you work.

One important point to consider with this type of work is the lack of communication involved in the role, which is something that will come in handy when you’re looking for a graduate role.

Hireup is a platform that connects people with disabilities with a database of support workers. This service offers you the chance to do some meaningful work on your own time. You don’t need to be a qualified nurse to complete this kind of work and you can see all the options available and what you need to apply on their website.

If you enjoy talking with people over the phone but don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day then Virtualreceptionists might be the right fit for you. By registering on their platform you’ll be able to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who need help managing their incoming calls.

Rather than just working for the one business in an office, as a normal receptionist would. You’ll have the to opportunity to help a variety of businesses, giving you exposure to some interesting companies and customers.

Professional cleaning is another popular job for Uni students, with the after-hours schedule fitting nicely around a study timetable. Whilst there is plenty of direct work in cleaning roles, Whizz offers you the chance to run your own cleaning services by connecting directly with clients.

Recruitment services aren’t exactly new to the market, however, they are an often-overlooked option for people seeking casual work. By registering for a recruitment service such as Pinnacle People and Hotel Staff you can access short-term roles at a wide variety of venues.

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